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How A DUI Impacts Future Job Opportunities

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2021 | DUI Defense

Although drunk driving offenses sometimes result from crashes that leave people hurt and property damaged, many adults accused of impaired driving just got pulled over by a police officer. They didn’t actually cause harm to anyone else.

Still, because they demonstrated impairment according to the officer or failed the chemical breath test, they now face criminal charges. Many people decide to plead guilty to drunk driving allegations in Pennsylvania rather than fighting back against them.

Avoiding a trial is often a motivation, as is focusing on moving on in life. Unfortunately, if you plead guilty to drunk driving charges, that could hurt your future career prospects.

You could lose your professional licensing

Obviously, if you drive for a living, a drunk driving citation will be a serious concern. You could lose your eligibility for your commercial driver’s license even if the alleged incident occurred in your personal vehicle and not at work.

Those who don’t drive a big truck or a bus but rather their own vehicle as part of their job may lose their position when they tell their employer they cannot drive because of a license suspension. Even if you don’t drive it all for your job, the licensing board for your profession could take disciplinary action against you.

Professionals ranging from real estate appraisers and vehicle salespeople to dentists and funeral directors need to have a license to practice their professions in Pennsylvania. 

You will struggle to secure new opportunities

Applying for new work can be a way to leverage your current job for a higher salary or a better title. Unfortunately, any company that considers hiring you will likely perform a background check.

In fact, your current employer may also do a background check when they hire you in from a temporary position or promote you to a better role at the company. Although some employers may look past a drunk driving record, for others, it will be the difference between getting the job and not.

There are other ways that impaired driving charges could affect your job. Not having your own transportation during your license suspension might make you late to work, causing your employer to see you as unreliable. A drunk driving conviction could also affect your socialization opportunities and limit your upward trajectory of the company where you work.

Understanding how impaired driving charges could affect your career might motivate you to fight back against them.