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Can you get a “day after” DUI?

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2022 | DUI Defense

Most people think a DUI is something that they get the same day that they go out drinking. Maybe they’re at dinner or spending time with friends, or maybe they’re just drinking at home before they decide to drive somewhere. They know it’s a risk at that time, but they assume there would be no risk the following day.

This is a dangerous assumption. There are situations in which you can get a DUI the next day, and you need to be wary of that before you drive.

How can it happen?

There are numerous different factors that influence your blood alcohol concentration. They include gender, weight and the sheer amount of alcohol that you’ve consumed. The type of alcohol can also make a difference, in the sense that different drinks contain different alcohol percentages. For instance, gin is generally around 40%, whereas beer is typically around 5%.

In any case, once your BAC has been raised, it can take hours for it to fall again. Someone who catches a couple of hours of sleep and then tries to drive to work may still be over the legal limit or may still be impaired by the alcohol that they consumed the day before. This can lead to a drunk-driving charge even if they argue that they haven’t had anything that day.

Are you facing charges?

If you’re facing DUI charges in you’re not sure what to do, take the time to carefully look into all of your legal options. This charge can have a big impact on your life and you need to know exactly what steps to take



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