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Don’t fall for these myths about Breathalyzer tests

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2022 | DUI Defense

Some people think that they can drive after they’ve had a few to drink. But, when they see the flashing lights of a police vehicle behind them, they start to worry that maybe driving wasn’t such a good idea. 

Police officers who initiate a traffic stop for the suspicion of drunk driving will try to determine the impairment level of the driver. This is done by using special tools, such as field sobriety testing or a breath test. Some people think that they can beat these tests by using certain tricks. 

None of these work, so never think they’ll help you:

Myth #1: Masking the smell of alcohol

Breath tests don’t work by detecting smell, so using things like gum or mouthwash will help you beat a breath test. In fact, using one that contains alcohol could increase the reading and make you appear more impaired than you are. 

Myth #2: Holding your breath or burping

Holding your breath or hyperventilating could beat the test if it’s done correctly; however, they would be noticeable. Burping also won’t improve the results any.

Myth #3: Sucking on pennies

An old myth is that sucking on a copper penny could skew the results of a breath test. Pennies aren’t made of pure copper, anyhow. They’re made mostly of zinc, so this one isn’t going to work. 

Anyone who’s facing charges for drunk driving should remember they have rights. One of these is to remain silent, which should usually be invoked. You also need to find out what defense options you have. Working with someone who’s familiar with these cases may be beneficial so you can determine what defense strategy option you want to utilize for your case. 



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