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How will a Pennsylvania DUI affect your car insurance?

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2022 | DUI Defense

Getting arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) can be expensive. You have to pay court costs and fines if you plead guilty or get convicted. You could lose your license temporarily, which could cost you income or even force you to change professions if you drive for your job. 

The financial consequences don’t end there. You may experience lingering financial consequences for several years after you plead guilty to an impaired driving offense. Your recent conviction could have adverse effects on your car insurance. 

You could lose your policy

If you have other infractions on your driving record or if your insurance company has very high standards for drivers, you could receive notice that your insurance company will no longer underwrite your policy. Other times, they might force you to purchase a different kind of coverage from a higher risk pool. 

You will have to pay more

Many traffic tickets will increase what an insurance company charges you for insurance, as it increases the likelihood you will cause a serious crash. A DUI can lead to a major increase. The average adult in Pennsylvania pays $1,475 per year, but adults with a DUI on their record will pay $2,022, an increase of 37%. That increased rate will often remain until the DUI comes completely off of your driving record, which takes a full ten years in Pennsylvania. 

Only by defending against DUI charges can you ensure that you can retain the same policy and avoid paying more for the same coverage. Learning about all of the consequences of a DUI charge may change your decision about whether or not you need to fight back in court.



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