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Why police are on the lookout at colleges and high schools during the fall

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2022 | Criminal Law

The back-to-school season is a time of major adjustments for students and their parents. It is also a time when young adults in high school or college may face massive consequences for personal mistakes.

Whether you have high school students or a young adult recently enrolled in college in your family, their future prospects could be at risk due to encounters with law enforcement. The fall is a season when police are often on high alert for common student infractions and may be unusually present near high schools and colleges.

Why is the fall such a popular time for student-targeted law enforcement efforts?

Back-to-school season leads to parties and fights

If you are on a college campus, you won’t feel very confused about why the police are so active in the fall. The first weeks back on campus are often when people throw their biggest parties to get to know one another and reconnect with their friends from previous years. New freshmen away at college for the first time may likely overindulge at parties or get a little too wild, possibly leading to fist fights or other mistakes that could lead to criminal charges.

Although high school students may have a harder time accessing alcohol or throwing large parties, they may still make an effort to do so. Seniors, in particular, may gather for parties to celebrate their last year of high school before they have to start making more adult choices.

How police officers enforce laws around schools

Adding additional patrols to neighborhoods near colleges and high schools is a common practice for police departments. Police officers may patrol the area looking for signs of parties or intoxicated drivers near schools. Any young adult under the legal drinking age found attending a party and consuming alcohol is subject to arrest.

If a high school student or college student in your family is arrested because of bad decisions, the criminal charges or juvenile allegations that result could potentially change their lives for the worst.

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