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What are the most common traffic violations in Pennsylvania?

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2023 | Criminal Law

There are dozens of ways to violate Pennsylvania traffic laws. If a police officer witnesses you breaking the law or if you cause a crash after a traffic violation, you may end up with a citation to pay.

Repeated traffic infractions could drastically increase your insurance costs and also put you at risk of losing your license. You may do your best to avoid violating traffic laws, but everyone in Pennsylvania occasionally makes mistakes. When you know what infractions the police most commonly cite drivers for, you can make better choices in traffic or after receiving a ticket.

What traffic infractions are the most common?


According to an analysis of traffic infraction citation data provided by the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts, speeding it was the most common traffic infraction that occurred between 2017 and 2021 in Pennsylvania. People may exceed posted speed limits anywhere, although highways and rural roads often see people traveling at particularly high and therefore especially dangerous speeds.

Failure to stop at an intersection

If everyone came to a complete stop whenever they encountered an intersection or a stop sign, the rate at which collisions occur in Pennsylvania would likely decline. However, many people roll through intersections, and police officers may cite anyone they catch engaging in such behavior.

Overtaking a vehicle and following too close

There are many ways to improperly overtake or pass another vehicle. You might pass on the right instead of the left. You could fail to use your turn signals. Mistakes during such maneuvers are a leading cause of traffic citations. The police can also cite you for following someone else too closely, which often occurs after a rear-end crash.

Illegal turns

Maybe you make a left turn when the light is red or conduct a traffic maneuver specifically prohibited by nearby signage. When you make an illegal turn, an officer nearby may pull you over and issue a ticket.

Don’t just lay down and accept a ticket without fighting it; it is worth a shot to enlist legal support.



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