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2 things to do if you are stopped on suspicion of drunk driving

On Behalf of | May 25, 2023 | DUI Defense

Driving after you have had a drink is not necessarily a criminal offense is driving after you’ve had a drink. While it is best not to drink anything before driving, the law does not explicitly prohibit it for most people. It’s when they drink too much that things become a legal problem.

Even if you are sure you are under the legal limit, being stopped by the police can be frightening. Your conduct during the stop is important and getting it wrong can make it more likely that the police charge you with an offense.

Here are two things you need to do if the police signal you to stop:

Pull over to a safe spot

It is important that you slow down and pull over at a safe spot relatively quickly, otherwise, the police might think you are ignoring them. Definitely do not speed up hoping you can shake them from your tail, as they may accuse you of evading the police, and this will only complicate matters for you.

Remain calm

Once you’ve pulled over and stopped the vehicle, lower your car window and remain in the vehicle. Do not step out or attempt to reach for anything (your ID or driver’s license) unless you are asked to do so. The last thing you want is to act in a manner that gives the police the impression that you are a threat to their safety.

Protecting your rights

Learning more about Pennsylvania DUI laws can help safeguard your rights and interests during and after the stop.