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Why fall results in so many DUI charges for college students

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2023 | DUI Defense

College students generally have a different attitude about the back-to-school season than younger students. Unlike middle school and high school, college is not mandatory, which means that students pursuing higher education engage in their education voluntarily. They are, therefore, less likely to be angry or resentful about returning to class.

Unfortunately, their excitement about starting or getting back to college may lead to poor choices on or off campus that could affect their educational opportunities in the future. As a result, the fall season often results in a lot of targeted police enforcement efforts close to college campuses and neighborhoods with a high percentage of student tenants. Therefore, college students and their parents should note that officers are often on the lookout for young adults who have had too much to drink during this time of year.

Back to school often means big parties

In the Greek community, the return to school often involves the recruitment of new students to join fraternities and sororities. Parties fueled by alcohol and hazing efforts are common, even if there are theoretically rules against both at most schools. Even at institutions where Greek life isn’t a major feature of the campus community, large parties are common in the first part of the year. Students want to get to know one another before classes become too intense for the season. Over-consumption of alcohol at such parties is very common, which can lead to all kinds of poor outcomes for those who attend.

Police officers will therefore patrol specifically looking for signs of someone drunk at the wheel when local schools are back in session. Officers will not hesitate to arrest someone for a driving under the influence (DUI) offense just because they are a college student very close to campus. If anything, young adults are at higher risk on and near campus because police departments are aware of the culture around alcohol on most college campuses.

College students pay a big price for DUIs

Anyone accused of impaired driving in Pennsylvania may end up paying fines, serving a sentence of incarceration and/or losing their driver’s license. College students may also face additional penalties imposed by the school that they attend. They might lose their enrollment or their financial aid. They might also end up on academic probation after a criminal conviction. Responding appropriately after an arrest is of the utmost importance for a college student who does not want a single mistake to define their future.



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