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Why does summer have a high DUI/traffic violation rate?

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2024 | DUI Defense

In theory, the summer should be a relatively safe season to be on the road. There are fewer weather-related traffic issues during the warmest season of the year, and yet people are seemingly at higher risk of police enforcement actions.

The summer months see quite a few arrests for driving under the influence (DUI) infractions. Countless others may receive traffic tickets issued by police officers for less serious traffic violations. An otherwise beautiful summer day can end up marred by the actions of an overzealous law enforcement professional.

Why do the summer months often see more traffic tickets and DUI arrests than usual in many jurisdictions?

More young drivers on the road

There are many reasons that police increase traffic enforcement efforts during the summer months. The prevalence of teenage drivers and college students home for summer vacation is one reason that police officers are often out in large numbers. The possibility of underage motorists causing crashes is higher during the summer, as experts refer to the days between Memorial Day and Labor Day as the deadliest part of the year for teen drivers. The desire to prevent tragic collisions may lead to more police presence on the streets.

More drunk driving risk

Teen drivers are only one of the factors that contribute to elevated driving risk during the summer months. Holiday celebrations are another factor to consider. There is a noticeable increase in drunk driving fatalities reported most years on the federal holidays that fall in the summer, including the Fourth of July. The weekends before and after those holidays may also see an alarming increase in impaired driving and overall traffic violations.

Police departments tend to be aware of these traffic trends and may step up enforcement actions during the summer, especially around holidays. More attempts to catch impaired adults and unsafe teen drivers may mean more tickets and arrests for those not technically in either targeted group. Anyone arrested or cited for a traffic violation might want to defend against the allegations that they broke traffic statutes.

When someone faces a DUI charge, the penalties for pleading guilty could include jail time, license suspension and other potentially catastrophic penalties. Understanding that the risk of DUI charges and traffic citations may fluctuate throughout the year could benefit those worried about arrest.



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