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Helping You Get Into ARD; Keeping You Out Of Jail

A drunk driving conviction can have severe penalties, including expensive fines, probation and jail time. The implications of a conviction can also last far longer than you might anticipate. With a DUI on your criminal record, you may have trouble finding employment, housing and higher educational opportunities.

One option is to enter the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) program in Pennsylvania. However, you will need a skilled attorney like Michael T. Winters to aid you. At his law firm, The Law Office Of Michael T. Winters, he advocates aggressively to secure alternative sentencing such as the ARD program for clients who face drunk driving charges.

ARD: What To Know

Usually reserved for first offenders, the ARD program offers a chance for a fresh start instead of the harsh criminal consequences that often accompany a DUI conviction. The program consists of rehabilitative treatment combined with a period of supervision. If you complete the program to the court’s satisfaction, your charges will be dismissed and you can have your criminal record expunged (cleared) of the event. The benefits are twofold: offenders get early intervention that can prevent future problems and they can also avoid the risk of jail time and the uncertainties of a trial.

Why Should I Have A Lawyer?

If you do not have an attorney to explain your story and why you would benefit from treatment, the court may not offer ARD to you. Instead, you might have to face a trial and the devastating sentence that could go with it. Representation is often crucial to advocate for your best interests and protect your rights in a criminal justice system that require mandatory jail sentences for even first-time DUI cases.

Learn Whether ARD Is Right For You

If you are interested in completing an ARD program instead of serving a criminal sentence, you should reach out for help from a lawyer. For all the information you need plus strong legal advocacy, turn to Michael T. Winters. To schedule an initial consultation with Mike Winters, call his Lancaster office at 717-584-1895 or send him an email.